Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The days of summer...

 major pool time has been happening over here at the Zoldan house

 This one has gotten a hold of my old canon. Oh.... the feelings i have about this
are quite nostalgic.  This was my moms camera from the 70's, it's the one I learned
everything about photography on,  brought it with me to college, and I still
have black and white images framed in my house that I took with this camera.
There is nothing like film.  My daughter is suddenly really into photography and I
love that she can start with this lovely piece of equipment. She has a good eye already,
she loves instagram and all those modern ways of instant gratification photography
(now i sound really old.) I had to show her how to load a camera with real film, but the real
challenge was explaining to her the true process of a proof sheet...then actually waiting for
the final product to be developed. Patience my darling!

 took the girls to Melrose for some serious shopping ;)
 my daughter and her soccer team shot a commercial yesterday that will be aired
during the olympics this summer
 just finished a project...little sneak peak
 day at LACMA

 more sneak peak...
 me and my girls enjoying an early dinner on Larchmont
I will try to post more this summer, I will really try!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

happy summer

  My favorite time of year. I love being home with my girls,
  All my projects are wrapped up for the summer which gives
  me time to paint.  I am hoping to knock out quite a bit of canvases
  this summer, especially when my girls go to sleep away camp!
  I hope you all are enjoying warm weather and lots of family time.

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