Tuesday, June 21, 2011

warm me up already

I am loving the warmer weather that has
FINALLY arrived here in L.A. It has been
a gloomy month. I am ready to start the
summer and the beautiful warm nights!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

love this, maybe because the girls are smiling,
or the brother is initiating the boxing match.
Its amazing how art can tell a story, I wish I
knew the artist.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

All you need is love

My little baby brother ( he will always be "baby" because he
is ten years younger than me) got married, their way, simple
and sweet with no hoopla or big wedding. It was sooo perfect.
I am so happy for him and his lovely wife. They had a tiny ceremony
at the Beverly Hills court house(above), and then my family and some friends
all came back to my house for food and celebration.

The girls helped me make this cake for the bride and groom.
I don't normally bake, but i just wanted an excuse to buy
those bride and groom cake toppers.

here they are. sweet as can be.

that is my niece who ran to the bride and groom after the
ceremony, how happy does my brother look?
i love this picture so much.

how cute is my brother?? obviously my mom
thinks so... he has been living in
Argentina since he graduated college, 5 years ago,
so its nice to have him back home.

the sparklers were a hit...a little cheesy but everything was
homemade, so it went with the theme.

look at my daughters face seeing the brides beautiful pink
sheer dress from Free People. A teenage dream. She was

my little niece , i can eat her up.

Champagne bubbles that the kids blew.

You should see the brides wedding ring, I will take a picture
of it next time i see her. It is a HUGE amethyst ring from
Tiffany's and their bands are really simple and square. So modern
and perfect. No diamonds , no big expensive ceremony.
just pure and simple. mazol tov!

Monday, June 13, 2011

busiest room in the house

Happy Monday , my friend Annah asked me
to post some of my favorite kitchens so here
you go darling.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

random happiness

ok, this is a random post , but this was my week
in a nutshell...

found really good jeans by Current and Elliot.
I swear, these are the best jeans, and I am
a sucker for really good fitted jeans...

beach weather is back and my little one was able to
hit the beach last weekend with her sweet friend.

new, good, entertaining, drama induced design shows...
though I do miss the phrase, "see you later decorator."

peonies are back at trader joes...

finding lovely pieces of purple heaven at
places like Crate and Barrel!
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