Tuesday, October 2, 2012

check out this pic I took this summer in Kauai. We were coming from the beach and I heard a little voice singing...I can not tell you how high up he was with not a care in the world.
Oh how I wish I could live there.... also...I am much better at posting pics on instagram (tiazoldan) than blogging lately. follow me, lovely people....

Monday, August 20, 2012

endless summer

 summer inspiration, my favorite time of year is coming to an end.
 green is on my mind for the fall.
 my beautiful sister in law got married in Kauai, what a way to end our summer!

 the kids had so much fun with the parasols after the ceremony

 love this photo.
 Kauai is no doubt the most beautiful island in Hawaii.
 me kayaking upstream
 view from the top of the hike
 only my daughter could hike barefoot :)
 I'll be back

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hermes happy

 My fav for sure.
 i would love to put the book motif in a bathroom....so perfect.

Hermes's new wallpaper collection, each pattern done by a different designer. lovin it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

a little bit of this...

 i don't have a green thumb, that is for sure. But I am hoping she does. She planted this herb garden before she left for sleep away camp so when she gets back she will see some progress!!
 levitating mass...
 took a trip to Ojai and Santa Barbara while both my girls were away at camp. my husband and I had lots and lots of time on our hands...look at these beautiful sunsets, and old architecture.

 little music in the park, so charming. Ojai is just a piece of hippie heaven
 I am a sucker for old architecture, especially the Spanish kind. i just wanted to take a nap
right in the middle of this hallway.
 When we got home we noticed some construction going on in the village up the street.
If you look closely you will see the ugly white stucco being ripped off the outside of the bank only to find pure beauty underneath. This stuff makes me crazy. It is like finding buried treasure.  I only hope they are bringing the building back to its original state.

 many hours spent here....

and here....

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The days of summer...

 major pool time has been happening over here at the Zoldan house

 This one has gotten a hold of my old canon. Oh.... the feelings i have about this
are quite nostalgic.  This was my moms camera from the 70's, it's the one I learned
everything about photography on,  brought it with me to college, and I still
have black and white images framed in my house that I took with this camera.
There is nothing like film.  My daughter is suddenly really into photography and I
love that she can start with this lovely piece of equipment. She has a good eye already,
she loves instagram and all those modern ways of instant gratification photography
(now i sound really old.) I had to show her how to load a camera with real film, but the real
challenge was explaining to her the true process of a proof sheet...then actually waiting for
the final product to be developed. Patience my darling!

 took the girls to Melrose for some serious shopping ;)
 my daughter and her soccer team shot a commercial yesterday that will be aired
during the olympics this summer
 just finished a project...little sneak peak
 day at LACMA

 more sneak peak...
 me and my girls enjoying an early dinner on Larchmont
I will try to post more this summer, I will really try!!!
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